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Please take notice that APQ, LLC made a voluntary assignment for the benefit of creditors under Chapter 128 of the Wisconsin Statutes: In Re APQ, LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company, filed in the State of Wisconsin, Circuit Court of Waukesha County as Case No. 2019CV000276. A Court appointed Receiver subsequently sold the assets of APQ, LLC pursuant to Court Order “free and clear of any and all interests, judgments, liens, claims and encumbrances…”. The successful bidder at the sale was The Enhancers, Inc. d/b/a Enhanced Automation. Any warranties, guarantees or agreements APQ, LLC had in effect prior to the date of the Court’s Order (5/7/19) are now void. At its discretion, Enhanced Automation may support past APQ projects. However, Enhanced Automation needs to be clear they are under no legal obligation for any APQ, LLC liabilities, warranties or issues with APQ, LLC work product.

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About Us

APQ, LLC is a Wisconsin company dedicated to improving the quality of electrical power for commercial, industrial and utility systems.

APQ is a leading global innovator of products that enhance the protection, automation and quality of electric power.

Green Initiative

Our Green Initiative

APQ has been helping to meet industry goals to achieve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse emissions caused by wasteful harmonic energy and low power factor, while safeguarding essential equipment. We think green… we always have!