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Custom Product Engineering

Custom Product Engineering

Custom Product Engineering

Our standard power quality products will satisfy most power quality applications for power factor improvement, harmonic mitigation and inverter sine wave filtering. For unique applications, or to satisfy explicit specifications, APQ offers modified standard products or custom engineered solutions. Our customized solutions can be designed to include special features, capabilities or components necessary to meet your unique situation.

OEM Solutions

OEM specific solutions can optimize the size, cost and performance of a power quality product relative to your specific product line. For example, if your company manufactures variable frequency drives, we can tailor a custom filter to your specific range of drives. Custom solutions may cover an individual product or a complete product line. Our custom design engineering will take into account the exact internal component ratings used in your product to arrive at the best economical solution to meet your needs.

Project Specification Based Solutions

Engineered projects often involve stringent power quality requirements and demand special equipment or features (i.e.: communications, automatic controls, combined functions, multiple functions, enclosure size and construction, etc). In some cases, specifications may require the use of brand specific control or power equipment. In addition to all of our standard products, APQ also offers custom engineered solutions to meet your exact requirements. We will incorporate the components, features and enhanced capabilities to meet your needs.

Facility Solutions

Every facility may have its own unique operating characteristics, electrical system and loads, as well as power quality issues. Our design engineers can personalize a power quality solution to address your precise needs and objectives.

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