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12 & 18 Pulse Converter Kits

12 & 18 Pulse Converter Kits

12 & 18 Pulse Converter Kits

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12 / 18 Pulse Converter Filters (Type PCK and Type HMP12) 480 volts 60Hz

Capacitor free harmonic filter solutions. Upgrade most 6-Pulse drives with our exclusive 12 or 18 Pulse Converter Upgrade Kit, or supply your 12-pulse drive with our economical Hybrid 12-pulse filter.

APPLICATION: Multi-pulse (12 & 18 pulse) filter solutions are typically demanded for applications that involve a very high percentage of motor drive loads as compared with the total facility load. This is especially useful in the HVAC/R, municipal water and wastewater industries where lower harmonic distortion is demanded. The following chart demonstrates the typical harmonic current distortion associated with 6, 12 and 18 pulse drives.

Typical Harmonics Contributed by Various Multi-pulse Converters (at full load)
  THD-i 5th 7th 11th 13th 17th 19th 23rd 25th 29th 31st 35th 37th
6-pulse 35-80%
12-pulse 10-15%            
18-pulse 5-6%                
Typical Input Current Waveform: 12-pulse
12-pulse Waveform
Typical Input Current Waveform: 18-pulse
18-pulse Waveform

CONVERT 6-pulse to 12 or 18-pulse

  • Converter Upgrade Kits (Type PCK)

    18-pulse Diagram

    Illustration of 18-Pulse Upgrade Kit

    APQ offers a convenient kit that upgrades a typical 6-pulse drive to either 12 or 18 pulse, provided that a series connection may be made in the drive's dc bus.

    12 vs. 18-pulse

    Converter Upgrade components: phase shifting transformer with isolated and phase shifted secondary windings; power electronics panel with additional rectifiers necessary to increase the pulse number.
    Also available with parallel connected bridge rectifiers.

12-pulse Filter Diagram

Illustration of 12-pulse Hybrid Filter

Filter for 12-pulse drives

  • 12-pulse phase shifted power source (Type HMP12)

    For drives that are already configured as 12-pulse, APQ offers a convenient and economical means of providing the phase shifted 6 winding power source. This filter includes a phase shifting transformer to supply one bridge rectifier plus a reactor to supply the other bridge rectifier.