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Markets Served

Markets Served

  • Commercial Facilities

    Commercial Facilities

    Commercial facilities depend on reliable power while the broad spectrum of electronic equipment used in these facilities can also place unique demands and disturbances onto the electrical system. APQ supplies power quality solutions and services to address the needs of commercial facilities through a wide range of solutions for both single and three phase systems.

    airports, amusement parks, casinos, data centers, healthcare, institutions, municipal organizations, school/university, telecomm centers, etc.

  • HVAC/R


    APQ can help meet industry standards to enhance both reliability and power quality for HVAC/R energy saving projects.

    energy management for buildings

  • Industrial Facilities

    Industrial Facilities

    APQ can help reclaim wasted energy and eliminate certain energy costs associated with low power factor or harmonic distortion. Maximum ROI. Real time services and solutions to meet needs for dynamic compensation.

    automotive, chemical processing, food processing, steel, heavy industry, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, ship yards, etc.

  • Irrigation


    Water pumping applications demand total power quality solutions that achieve low input harmonics and low output voltage distortion. APQ offers a broad range of solutions to meet the unique challenges of agricultural and recreational water applications.

    aeration, agriculture, recreational water parks, etc.

  • Mining & Reclamation

    Mining & Reclamation

    APQ offers solutions with fast response for large dynamic loads requiring real time VAR compensation or harmonic filtering.

    coal mining, conveyors, crushers, shredders, ventilation, etc.

  • OEM & System Integration

    OEM & System Integration

    APQ serves as your partner, ready to help you solve the power quality demands of a project including IEEE-519 compliance, harmonic analysis and guaranteed solutions.

    DC motor drives, original equipment manufacturers of variable frequency drives, system integrators, etc.

  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Deep well pumping has unique requirements for motor filtering and protection plus meeting electric utility limits for harmonics or power factor limits. APQ has solutions for both low and medium voltage systems.

    blowers, coal bed methane, drilling rigs, deep well pumping, off shore drilling, oil processing, oil sands, etc.

  • Specifying Engineers

    Specifying Engineers

    APQ offers accurate harmonic analysis, and guaranteed solutions to harmonics, power factor and motor waveform enhancement. We serve a wide variety of industries including off shore drilling, dairy farms, manufacturing, healthcare industries, etc.

    architectural firms, engineering firms, etc.

  • Water / Wastewater

    Water / Wastewater

    APQ can help to meet industry limits for harmonic distortion and power factor while supplying adequate voltage quality for pump motors. APQ products can help to assure power quality and long motor life and achieve the reliability necessary for these vital facilities.

    desalination facilities, lift stations, municipal water purification facilities, wastewater treatment plants, pumps, etc.

  • Electrical Power Distribution

    Electrical Power Distribution

    Generation, transmission and distribution supply and delivery can be improved with various solutions from APQ, from low, medium and high voltage system classifications.

    Panel boards, switchboards, switchgear, distributed energy